Becoming a member is the best way to engage with everything we do. Providing more chance to master techniques; opening up a greater variety of skills & projects, and generally giving a broader scope and depth to your learning.

Membership provides exclusive access to our regular member's gatherings, as well as significant discounts when booking our workshops.

There are three membership slots available, with member's gatherings taking place on either Monday, Tuesday or Thursday evenings, 7-9pm.

For full details on these classes and the benefits of membership see below!

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6-months | £45pm

To apply for membership, drop us a line using the form below! If you're interested in Barn's new Monday Night membership, let us know and we'll add you to the waiting list. 

Once your application is accepted, you'll receive a secure link to sign up for a direct debit, and we'll add you to our membership plan, with a payment of £45 taken on the 1st of each month.

Membership is based on the expectation of fulfilling the full 6 month contract.

PLEASE NOTE: Tue & Thu membership is currently at full capacity. Apply below to join our brand new Monday night sessions! 


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As a member you receive a £30 discount on our most popular evening, day and weekend courses, as well as gaining access to our weekly member's gatherings.

At the centre of any student's journey in green woodwork is knife carving - understanding how to guide a sharp blade through wood, and our member's gatherings cover every facet of skilled knife work.

While these sessions are focused primarily on the popular craft of spoon carving, they also incorporating everything else you can do with a carving blade. This includes some of the most beautiful products you can make in the craft, and gets to the heart of how we use the natural qualities of fresh wood to produce amazing things, enhancing your understanding for every other course that we teach!

As a member you can drop in to any session. There's no need to book, and the fee is covered by your membership.





SAVE £30 on the following workshops!

Bladesmithing Classes:

Knife Forging £150 £120

Axe Forging £350 £320

Foundation Classes:

Spoon Carving £150 £120

Bowl Carving £150 £120

Joinery  £180 £150

Stool Making £180 £150

Box Making £240 £210




Our weekly 2-hour classes allow those that have completed the Spoon Carving Day Class to build on the basics they've learned and master the art of functional sculpture.

With each class featuring a new mini tutorial we introduce more complex techniques and refined skills, as well as some of the awesome little secrets and ancient knowledge of traditional knife work. This includes decoration, finishing, and tool care, not to mention gorgeous household items made directly from trees. We also hold special sessions, guiding you through a process for replicating a spoon - hand picked from our unique collection from the world's finest makers.

As well as developing your abilities, this is a relaxed, friendly environment in which to come and practice your carving, share your latest hand-crafted projects, gain helpful tips and take inspiration. With each session there's free wood to use, spare tools on hand, and a healthy amount of tea, coffee and sweet treats.


*To join membership and attend our gatherings you must first have completed one of our Spoon Carving Day Classes.