Spoon Carving with Barn the Spoon


9am to 5pm

No one in Britain knows more about crafting a spoon from green wood than Barn The Spoon” – The Guardian


A full day of making with Barn the Spoon – one of the world’s most knowledgeable and respected spoon carvers.

This class acts as a perfect introduction to knife and axe carving, with no previous woodworking experience necessary. Barn uses his unique expertise, combined with extensive experience in teaching, to provide an entertaining workshop packed with secret knowledge, and vital skills.

Using fresh wood, and authentic techniques, you will learn all you need to turn a bit of branch or log into a beautiful functional spoon using axes and knives.

We focus on carving techniques that will allow you to carve safely with confidence so you can create at home too. Spoon carving is great because the tools required are small and transportable, so you don’t need a workshop or a workbench – you can even do it in your own front room! These classes are also designed to provide you with a strong foundation to create all sorts of carved objects.

And after soaking up as much as you can in the class, we also have a monthly membership available, allowing you to continue building your skills, while exploring a lifetime’s worth of knowledge in the craft!


The course covers

Knife grips: Giving you confidence in safety and ability to accurately shape wood with a straight knife, as well as a bent knife for creating the bowl of a spoon.
Axing out:
Teaching you how to split wood accurately, and carving techniques used to rough shape a spoon ‘blank’.

You will also get to learn a no-nonsense technique for sharpening and go home with at least two functional spoons!






Spoon Carving with Barn the Spoon - Sat, 14th Oct Course full Sat, 14th Oct £150.00
Spoon Carving with Barn the Spoon - Sun, 15th Oct Course full Sun, 15th Oct £150.00
Spoon Carving with Barn the Spoon - Sun, 19th Nov Places available Sun, 19th Nov £150.00
Spoon Carving with Barn the Spoon - Mon, 20th Nov Places available Mon, 20th Nov £150.00
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