Joinery Evening Class


6-Week Evening Class

Monday evenings from 7pm-9pm

An introduction to the key skills of joinery, whilst making your own beautiful frame saw and mallet. Perfect for absolute beginners.

Joinery is a core aspect of woodwork – to the extent that it may be the only aspect that lay people are aware of. At the greenwood guild we know that this is not the case, but we still hugely value the role joinery plays in our craft. You will leave the class with a fully functional traditional framesaw and joiner’s mallet.

Frame saws are an ingenious versatile design using the tensile strength of the wood and a french twist to hold the cutting blade in tension. This means you can have a thin blade that can be used to cut curves, and the blade can be easily adjusted and changed to suit the task at hand. Joiner’s mallets are an invaluable tool around the workshop for an infinite number of tasks. It uses a clever tapering joint which is fundamental in so many other woodworking projects.

During this evening class you learn core skills of joinery, including prepping materials so that they are flat, true and square, marking out joints, and cutting them using traditional techniques.

You will learn to use handsaws, planes and chisels accurately and efficiently, as well as tool maintenance and sharpening.



Joinery Evening Class - 16 Jan - 20 Feb Course full 16 Jan - 20 Feb £180.00
Joinery Evening Class - 13 Mar - 17 Apr Course full 13 Mar - 17 Apr £180.00
Joinery Evening Class - 24 Apr - 29 May Course full 24 Apr - 29 May £180.00
Joinery Evening Class - 12 Jun - 17 Jul Course full 12 Jun - 17 Jul £180.00
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