Whittling Gift Box


The Whittling Gift Box is the perfect introduction to woodwork.

Each box contains the perfect Swedish made whittling Knife, which comes razor-sharp & protected in it’s own sheath, as well as a voucher for a place on one of our Whittling Intro Workshops.

Together these provide you with everything you need to know to carve safely, source your own materials and to sharpen your tools, and you’ll even go away with some wood so you can practice at home. All neatly bundled up so that it can be given straight as it is or gift wrapped yourself!

A chance for a friend or loved one to experience the satisfaction of carving wood and a first step into the world of fine woodcraft.

Our Whittling Intro Workshops provide safe & efficient techniques for knife carving, and a deeper appreciation of wood as a material. We take you through the 5 most useful  knife grips, as you craft your own cooking spatula and develop the skills to carve fresh  wood into any number of functional and beautiful items.



*You MUST be 18 or over to buy this product. 

Vouchers can only be used once. Vouchers are valid for 6 moths from point of purchase. Once a course has been booked, the date cannot be changed. 

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How the voucher works

Redeemable on any available Whittling Intro Workshop & valid for up to a year.

Once ordered you’ll receive a confirmation email including your unique voucher code (this code will also be clearly on the voucher itself) and your gift box will then be carefully packaged up and sent out within 1 working day. If you’d like to buy someone the gift box and book them straight onto a class yourself, you’ll be able to use the code in the email straight away. Be sure to give us their details in the order notes at checkout!

The lucky recipient can then browse and book a workshop directly from the site and simply enter their code at the point of purchase to get their place completely free!

Could I buy this Gift Box for myself? 

Sure! You deserve a treat once in a while!


The Class

On our Whittling Intro Workshop you learn to safely master the ancient skills and techniques in knife carving, whilst making a cooking spatula of your own, starting from a ‘blank’ made from fresh wood taken straight from local trees in London. With the techniques learned, and with your trusty knife in hand, you’ll have all you need to develop your skills and to create all manner of high quality, functional and beautiful items that will outlast even you.




Knife work underpins the entirety of the craft, and the whittling class is the perfect way to introduce yourself to some of the wider theory of green woodwork. By learning to guide a knife through the soft fibres in your blank, you start to understand the nature of wood itself. In the class you will also be given tips on how to source your own material from the local environment, and what types of trees to look out for. You will learn about the knife itself, and how it’s shape and function as a tool relate directly to understanding wood as a material. And finally we’ll pass on some valuable pointers on sharpening, because you simply can’t underestimate the importance of sharp tools!

The Knife

A fantastic & versatile carving blade produced by Mora of Sweden. Not only are these our knives of choice for spoon carving, but their adaptability means they get used in almost every product that we make. A good quality, sharp knife is precious to a woodworker and every member of our team has their own trusted Mora that never leaves their side!


So what makes these a perfect carving knife? We’re glad you asked! Unlike pen knives or Opinels, Moras have two perfectly flat bevels meaning you can ‘ride’ the blade along the surface of the wood, slicing off a paper thin shaving, this gives you all the control and is fundamental to this technique of carving. Mora blades are also made from laminated steel, meaning there is a high-carbon core sandwiched between softer low-carbon steel. The hard, high-carbon stuff holds a razor sharp edge very well, whilst the softer steel surrounding it gives strength, flexibility and makes sharpening much faster. We’re also big fans of the handles on Mora knives, they’re both rounded and symmetrical – designed perfectly for switching between the variety of ‘grips’ employed in traditional carving.

All our vouchers are non refundable.