Whittling Workshop


Saturdays & Sundays | 2hr Classes

*Free Knife Included

A 2-hour session, covering a variety of safe knife grips and traditional techniques in the ancient skill of knife carving. We are proud to teach all out whittling workshops with the “Mora 106” Sloyd Knife, the preferred carving knife for professionals and beginners alike. On the class you'll receive a free Mora 106 to take home!

At the end of this session you will have carved your very own spatula to take home and use, and will have the knowledge needed to go away and build on what you have learned in your own time. The class also covers the basics of knife sharpening, and teaches you how to find and source your own wood!

This workshop is designed to be a wonderful experience on it's own, but is also your gateway to the craft. Knowing how to carve safely and well with a knife is as rewarding as it is empowering. It helps broaden your understanding of wood as a material, gives a solid foundation for your skills in every aspect of traditional woodwork, and you’ll be amazed at how many scenarios in your day to day life that this comes in handy!





Whittling Workshop - 12th Nov 10-12pm Places available 12th Nov 10-12pm £48.00
Whittling Workshop - 12th Nov 1.30-3.30pm Places available 12th Nov 1.30-3.30pm £48.00
Whittling Workshop - 18th Nov 1.30-3.30pm Nearly full 18th Nov 1.30-3.30pm £48.00
Whittling Workshop - 22nd Oct 1.30-3.30pm Places available 22nd Oct 1.30-3.30pm £48.00
Whittling Workshop - 22nd Oct 10-12pm Places available 22nd Oct 10-12pm £48.00
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