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"One of the best spoon carving investments I've ever made!" Sam Tallman, UK

What Do I Get?

With our Online Membership you gain access to a constantly growing library of video tutorials, that take you from splitting open a log, through to applying those finishing touches to your beloved carved spoons.

Not to mention expert advice, tips and techniques, from world class tutors. All available anytime you like, from anywhere in the world. 

Every Detail Covered

Splitting Wood

Axe Skills & Safety

Knife Grips

Spoon Carving Step-by-Step

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...& More!

Friendly & Professional Films

  • Over 24 hours of content
  • A new film each week
  • In-depth Video Tutorials
  • 16 spoon design masterclasses with Barn
  • Q&A films

"No one in Britain knows more about crafting a spoon from green wood than Barn The Spoon" - The Guardian


Whether you're an absolute beginner or a seasoned woodworker, we've got you covered! If it's your first time picking up an axe - start at the beginning and set off on your woodworking journey! If you've got plenty of experience under your tool belt, then simply pick the skills you want and you're away!

This is the best place to get clear, friendly and detailed coaching in everything you need to know. As well as a chance to tap into the secret knowledge of one of the world's most respected spoon carvers. 


Work your way through our initial tutorials for everything you need to get started, before enjoying exclusive access to a continually growing archive of masterclasses that will include all aspects of the craft. From dove-tails to furniture making, hand planes to spindle turning, advanced sharpening techniques or building your own equipment, we'll cover every facet of authentic, traditional woodwork.


We also have a physical membership, based here in London, providing weekly carving gatherings with tools, wood and extra tuition, for those who'd like to take their carving further.
Physical membership is open to anyone who's completed one of our Spoon Carving workshops. There are two membership slots available, with gatherings taking place on either Tuesday or Thursday evenings, 7-9pm.

And as a member you'll also receive a £30 discount on our most popular evening, day and weekend courses, as well as gaining access to our weekly member’s gatherings. Physical members also receive access to our Online Membership for free!

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