Gift Voucher | Green Wood Guild


The perfect gift for friends and loved ones hungry to get into woodwork, or a treat to yourself that you can save for a rainy day!

This voucher entitles the recipient to a £150 discount when booking one of our traditional woodworking courses.


What Green Wood Guild classes can I book with this voucher?

The Green Wood Guild Gift Voucher can be used when booking any class that is worth £150 or more.  

This means you could use the voucher to book a place on any available day class worth £150, such as the Bowl Carving Workshop, or redeem it for a £150 discount when booking a higher value class such as one of the Axesmithing 2 Day Workshops.

However you would not be able to use the voucher to purchase any class that is worth less than the value of the voucher itself. For example you cannot use it to book three Introductory Classes.


How does the voucher work?

When you buy a voucher you’ll get a confirmation email, and a personalised digital voucher will be generated and sent out! You can choose to receive it yourself, or have it emailed straight to the recipient.

Each voucher comes with a unique coupon code – for a discount of £150. Codes last for 12 months.

For that personal touch, you can also add a message to the voucher at the checkout page!

Note – If you don’t wish the recipient to receive the voucher straight away, please leave their name and email address blank when adding your message. This way you’ll receive the voucher yourself, and can print it out, or forward it on when you’re ready.  


NOTE – Vouchers can only be used once. All of our courses are non refundable and cannot be changed once booked.