Intro Workshops

Our introductory workshops are the perfect first steps into the fundamental skills of green woodwork, including knife work, bread board making and the art of turning. In each of these sessions you will learn about the character of fresh wood, the practice of using hand tools, and the relationship between these two things. All deeply satisfying on their own but also underpinning all the further skills that you can explore in our other workshops!

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Weekend Taster Sessions – Whittling Workshops
Weekend Taster Sessions – Whittling Workshops

Weekend Whittling Workshops

Our whittling workshops aims to introduce you to the basics of working with green wood. Perfect for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the world of woodwork.


Spatula & Butter Spreader Carving

Spatulas are one of the true workhorses of the kitchen. Why not learn how to carve your own, to whatever design you want? Come and learn the basics of green wood carving, using a Mora straight knife and a piece of green wood to carve a beautiful spatula, ready to be put to use. Learn how to carve a Swedish style butter spreader using basic knife grips and lovely green wood. Also perfect to use for serving condiments.


All course bookings are non refundable, and class dates cannot be transferred once booked. 

You must be 18 years old and older to take this class. 

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