Bowl Carving (BRISTOL)
Bowl Carving (BRISTOL)

A one day introduction to bowl carving

10am to 5pm

Based @ Estate of the Arts Bristol

Our popular bowl carving workshop has come to Bristol!

Learn to make a beautiful wooden bowl from native green hardwood using ancient hand tools. The adze, used to hollow out the bowl, has been in our culture since the stone age and is a wonderful introduction to the other traditional edge tools used to create your bowl. Over the course of the day you will use an axe and pushknife to shape the outside of the bowl, and a gouge, scorp and hook knife to refine the inside.

In addition to giving you an introduction to a variety of hand tools, this course will give you a real insight into the three dimensional functionality of an object which has been used by humans for thousands of years.

Our bowl carving course runs from 10:00 to 17:00, during which time you will learn many different carving techniques, learn about how green wood differs from seasoned wood, and of course, at the end of the day you will take home a beautiful, functional wooden bowl.





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Spoon Carving (BRISTOL)
Spoon Carving (BRISTOL)

10am to 5pm | With Harry Samuel based @ Estate of the Arts Bristol

This is our full Spoon Carving Day Class, run by Harry Samuel.

Harry is a full time wood worker and is passionate about working specifically with green wood. He trained with Barnaby Carder (Barn the Spoon) while working with the Green Wood Guild, and completed a year long apprenticeship at Cherry Wood Project. He now operates from his workshop in Marshfield where he makes products to order, teaches workshops around the uk and continues to develop his craft.

This class acts as a perfect introduction to knife and axe carving, with no previous woodworking experience necessary.

Using fresh wood, and authentic techniques, you will learn all you need to turn a bit of branch or log into a beautiful functional spoon using axes and knives.

We focus on carving techniques that will allow you to carve safely with confidence so you can create at home too. Spoon carving is great because the tools required are small and transportable, so you don’t need a workshop or a workbench – you can even do it in your own front room! These classes are also designed to provide you with a strong foundation to create all sorts of carved objects.

The course covers

Knife grips: Giving you confidence in safety and ability to accurately shape wood with a straight knife, as well as a bent knife for creating the bowl of a spoon.
Axing out:
Teaching you how to split wood accurately, and carving techniques used to rough shape a spoon ‘blank’.

You will also get to learn a no-nonsense technique for sharpening and go home with at least two functional spoons!




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