£150 Gift Voucher | 1 Day Workshop


The perfect gift for friends and loved ones hungry to get into woodwork, or a treat to yourself that you can save for a rainy day!

This voucher entitles the recipient to a £150 discount when booking one of our traditional woodworking courses.


What Green Wood Guild classes can I book with this voucher?

The Green Wood Guild Gift Voucher can be used when booking any class that is worth £150 or more, perfect for our day classes. For the Knife Forging Day please buy the Knife Forging Day Voucher.


How does the voucher work?

When you buy a voucher you’ll get an automatic confirmation email.

You’ll then receive an email from us with your coupon code, and we will post you out a voucher.

Each voucher comes with a unique coupon code – for a discount of £150. Codes last for 12 months.


NOTE – Vouchers can only be used once. All of our courses are non refundable and cannot be changed once booked.