Intro Day



An introductory day consisting of 2 satisfying projects – that together cover a range of essential skills in traditional woodwork.

This is perfect for those that would like to try their hand at everything, or want to lay a solid groundwork for the more in-depth workshops they’ve got their eye on.


Wood Turning Intro –

Covering the basics of turning on a treadle lathe. Starting with a log, you will prepare your billet by splitting it out  using axe, froe and mallet, shaping it on a shavehorse using a drawknife, before turning it on the lathe to make a traditional potato masher. This workshop will immerse you into a time honored craft, as you learn the rhythm of the lathe and how to use 3 types of chisels and gouges effectively. This introductory class is a great way to get a taste for treadle lathe work.


Making a Chopping Board – 

A perfect introduction to the use of traditional hand planes, used in almost any joinery or furniture making project. This workshop will teach you the elusive art of taking a rough surface and planing it perfectly smooth and flat, as you make a simple, beautiful chopping board for your kitchen.

You’ll learn the use of 3 varieties of hand plane, some important theory and a brief introduction into Framesaws and knife carving techniques.





Intro Day - Sat, 20th Jan Course full Sat, 20th Jan £150.00
Intro Day - Sun, 18th Mar Places available Sun, 18th Mar £150.00
Intro Day - Sat, 26th May Places available Sat, 26th May £150.00
Intro Day - Sun, 27th May Places available Sun, 27th May £150.00
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